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  • wax melt clamshell Single square wax melt snap bar style clamshell packaging
    Our specialists have professional experience working with many companies across different industries and have curated a library of industry-specific custom packaging options for you! With this library, you can establish your ideal structure that is tailored to your requirement. Single square wax melt snap bar style clamshell packaging       Feature:       1.MATERIAL: 0.6 mm, PVC  is heat-tolerant with a long life span,       DIMENSIONS: open size 135*58*25.4 mm  2. Durable: we increased the thickness of the plastic to 0.6mm to make it more durable and easy to separate, to ensure the wax block shape and maintain the texture. 3. EFFECTIVE DESIGN: Each clamshell has single cavities and an approximate capacity of 20g. You can either opt to fill each cavity with wax or fill to the top to create a bar that snaps, as our clamshells have been designed with a raised lid. Name Single square wax melt snap bar style clamshell packaging Material  PVC clear plastic  Size open size 135*58*25.4 mm  Wax melt weight around 16 grams - 25 grams  Brand Rosin Technology Blister Application Perfect for wax melt candle or chocolate or soap packing Recommended label space 40*40 mm max. Important points: Allow wax to cool to approximately 55°C before slowly pouring. Cool wax to 140 ° F (60 ° C) or lower before pouring into molds.   Cooler temperatures will give you better results.   Allow to cool 12 hours before closing the lid. Take Inspiration                                         Explore how our customers have used our products to get creative!        They include a large blank area to the front on which you can place your branded labels. Perfect for professionally presented wax melts as they are benefit from a hanging slot, ideal for shop and stall displays! Customized Process: Various shapes, colors, materials and any sizes can be customized according to your request!

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